Keeping a Chausie Cat

The Keeping a Chausie cats is primarily related to their need for constant exercise. That is why this large cat is more like living in a private house, or at least in a spacious large apartment. Chausies need at least 30 minutes of intense exercise daily. Satisfying Chausie’s needs for physical exercise involves a lot of interactive games and the presence of toys. House several cat trees of varying heights placed in various locations throughout the home to help the Chausie fulfill its natural climbing and jumping needs.

Chausie, unlike other breeds of domestic cats, cannot be constantly at home, cats of this breed are happy on walks. To fulfill their natural needs, they need to jump and run in the fresh air – preferably in their own yard. However, it should be remembered that the Chausie loves freedom of movement, and if you do not want to later look for a runaway pet, you need to control walks or equip a fenced outdoor enclosure from which the Chausie cannot escape. The cat garden will allow Chausie to play outside and stay safe. The enclosure should include climbing structures, elevated walkways, and cat-safe grass turf, all of which will greatly enhance the Chausie’s quality of life. If it is not possible to equip such a cat garden, then to satisfy the needs of Chausie to move and explore the world around her, organize her daily walks (or at least several times a week), especially since Chausie easily gets used to a leash and harness.

Chausies are smart, active, funny, sociable and athletic cats. Chausies are devoted to their owner and want to be the center of your attention. They are curious and fearless, but not aggressive, and they are constantly eager to explore new environments. They are very playful like kittens, constantly on the move and exploring their environment. Even the most active owners find that adding a Chausie kitten to the home greatly increases the level of mobility in the home, as these kittens seem to have inexhaustible energy and enthusiasm. When they reach adulthood, many Chausies “slow down” a little, but still always remain inquisitive and playful. Chausie owners often describe these cats as intuitive, emotional, and very loyal. These qualities make Chausies great family members, but you need to be very attentive and caring, as Chausies often find it difficult to adapt to new conditions if they enter a new home as adults.

Chausies love to play and are one of the most athletic domestic cat breeds. Chausie has some canine qualities, they easily learn to walk on a leash and play fetch with their favorite toy. These cats are fast runners and often run from room to room. In addition to their natural athleticism, Chausies have a rare talent for jumping and this often becomes a favorite game between a cat and its owner. They are able to effortlessly jump to impressive heights and seem to enjoy this game more than any other domestic cats.

Chausie’s activity level is second only to his high level of intelligence. Chausies require both physical and mental stimulation. Problem solving and puzzle games are a must for any Chausie. They will never scratch a person during games, as they always completely remove their claws. They miss being alone and can even get depressed from it. Chausies are best suited to families who are at home most of the time or who have other equally active felines. Chausies also get along well with dogs if they come into the family as a kitten and grow up with your dog.