About Us

We are the Luana Cattery team / We are all, from the head of the cattery and our breeders, to website administrators and photographers, in love with our business and our animals.

Rumyantseva Alina is a felinologist who constantly supplements her knowledge at full-time and part-time seminars on veterinary medicine and cat genetics, trying to keep abreast of the key aspects of modern felinology.

In addition, two more breeders take an active part in the work of our cattery, with whom we have been united by many years of friendship and cooperation. These are Zemskova Arina and Zemskova Ekaterina.

From birth, our kittens grow up in a warm home environment, getting used to gentle care and everyday communication with a person.

Where are we

Geographically, our main nursery is located in the USA, 4630 sw 27th Ave Fort Lauderdale 33312 Florida. The other two branches are in Russia, Saratov. Our animals live with 3 breeders at different addresses in spacious houses, which helps to avoid overcrowding in the kennel.

Our Experience

We have been breeding purebred cats since 2008. During this time, we have accumulated vast experience in their breeding and maintenance.

Only pure breeders

Our producers are purebred and high-bred cats of Scottish, British, Abyssinian and Bengal breeds, as well as unique hybrids: Savannah and Chausie. Males and cats of the cattery have elite pedigrees, certificates and titles won at exhibitions.

Healthy kittens

We and certified veterinarians carefully monitor the health of the pets of our cattery. Our experience allows us to control the health of our kittens from birth and vaccinations, to the transfer of kittens to owners.

We ship kittens all over the world

For all the years of the nursery, our graduates have dispersed all over the world.

We have developed relationships with experienced, proven and reliable couriers, so transportation issues are not a problem for us.

After-sales support

After moving to a new home, and most importantly, the entire next first year of the kitten’s life, we will definitely keep in touch with you via e-mail, WhatsApp or any other messenger and advise you on all issues related to the health and behavior of the baby.

How to choose a kitten in our cattery

Our page "kittens for sale" provides information about currently available kittens. But, not all free kittens of our cattery are presented on this page. Therefore, if you did not find your kitten among the presented ones, go through “Make Request”, indicate which breed of kitten you want to purchase, the breeder of the cattery will contact you and give you full up-to-date information about the availability of kittens.

Remote selection

A kitten can be selected remotely from photos: at your request, we can shoot an up-to-date video of the kittens you are interested in and send to you via WhatsApp or Telegram.

If you are able to drive

We care about the health of our babies, so we never take them to exhibitions and do not receive guests, at least until the first vaccination (up to 2 months of age), as this is a big risk of introducing an infection into the nursery (just on the legs or clothes – if, for example, the buyer previously visited another cattery or stepped on an infected spot marked by a street cat on the street). So, excuse us, but this is a necessity. But we can show the kitten by video call through any messenger convenient for you.

How to reserve a kitten

We give kittens to buyers at the age of 3-4 months, when all the necessary vaccinations have been made and the documents necessary for transporting the kitten are ready. By this time, our babies are fully socialized: accustomed to the tray, scratching post, ready for contact with a new owner - they are affectionate and playful. If you liked the baby at an earlier age, you can reserve it by making an advance payment (50% of the cost) - we will send you a receipt for the money, remove the baby from the sale and we will constantly inform you about how your baby is developing - send up-to-date Photo and video.

How to pick up a kitten

Moving to a new home is exciting for a kitten, so before moving to a new home, we will definitely send you full information about preparing for the baby’s move - what you need to buy for him, what food and filler he is used to, how to arrange him in a new home, so that he quickly settled in and got used to a new place.


If you live in Miami or can come to Miami on your own to pick up a baby, then transferring a kitten is not particularly difficult - just call (or write) to the breeder and arrange convenient options for your meeting.

Delivery to another city or another country

We prepare a kitten: we put vaccinations and a microchip in a timely manner, we issue a veterinary passport and veterinary documents before sending. We are looking for a courier, we tell you the cost and terms of delivery, you pay for the delivery and the remaining cost of the kitten. We, in turn, negotiate with the courier, deliver and transfer the baby to the courier with all the documents and necessary things. Then - we track how it gets to you and wait for information from you about its receipt.

What documents do we transfer with a kitten?

With a kitten, we will give you a mandatory package of documents:

  • Veterinary passport with necessary vaccinations and microchip data;
  • The contract of sale, which is, in effect, your ownership of the pedigreed animal;
  • A birth certificate of a kitten, certified by the club, if you buy a kitten as a pet or a full pedigree of a kitten if you buy a kitten with the right to breed.

With these documents, we can send the baby to any city in the country or to any state.

Advice and assistance

After the kitten has safely reached you, we are ready to help with advice and consultations. This is especially true for the first year of life in a new house - we always keep in touch with buyers via e-mail, WhatsApp or Telegram. We give advice on all issues related to the health and behavior of the baby, so that you will not be left alone with possible issues that arise in the process of caring for a kitten.

We will be glad to receive feedback from you, photos, videos, any other information that you want to share with us.

Resolution of controversial issues

Naturally, situations are different. Be it allergies, any emergency family circumstances, any other nuances. For us, the fate of our baby is in the first place. Therefore, we are always ready to resolve controversial issues in favor of the well-being of the kitten and for the sake of his future happy life.

We have been breeding purebred cats for more than 14 years and are always happy when they turn to us again. It is very pleasing when, after buying the first kitten, they turn to us again for a second, or even a third, for a friendly company in the family. We are also open and ready to cooperate with other nurseries.

With best wishes, Luana Cattery team.

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