How much does a Chausie cost?

Chausie’s popularity is growing rapidly year by year. How much does a Chausie cat cost? This one is quite rare, there are few breeders offering kittens. If you are determined to purchase a Chausie, pay attention to the legislation of the region where you live – in some countries, Chausies are classified as wild animals and it is strictly forbidden to keep them at home.

Because of the aforementioned rarity and difficulty in breeding, the Chausie is one of the most expensive cat breeds. The price varies depending on the quality of the kitten (type, color, percentage of wild blood), the pricing policy of the cattery.

Catteries offer Chausie kittens from 2000-10000 dollars. The most expensive Chausie kittens are F1 (at least 50% of the blood of jungle cats, they are the largest and meet the breed standards as much as possible), the cheapest are F5 (about 4% of the blood of jungle cats).

There are cheaper offers, but it is worth doubting the authenticity of this kitten’s belonging to the Chausie. Be sure to check the documents for kittens and their parents with the sellers offering them if you need a Chausie, and not just a pet.

How to buy a Chausie kitten.

Chausie kitten should be taken only in an officially registered cattery. Private ads for the sale of Chausie kittens without documents, at an unusually low cost – fraud, such kittens will hardly be related to a real Chausie.

Finding a good breeder is a great way to find a healthy and authentic Chausie. A good breeder will match you with a kitten that is right for you and your family’s lifestyle.

Real Chausie breeders are more interested in placing kittens in the right hands than in making money.

Chausie catteries will be happy to answer your questions about the temperament of kittens, their health status and how to care for them. And they themselves will ask you questions about what you expect from a Chausie and what kind of life you can provide for him.

Look for a breeder who does not sell kittens through dubious websites, pet stores or markets, but has his own website.

Documents for a kitten must be issued by such felinological organizations as TICA, WFA, WCF (slip / metric / pedigree), because only these systems officially recognize Chausie.

In addition to the documents of origin, the responsible breeder always sends the kitten a sale and purchase agreement (read carefully!), a veterinary passport with vaccination marks.

If you’ve never owned a cat before, look out for third-generation or older Chausie kittens. The first generations are more delicate, they do not forgive mistakes in feeding and upbringing so easily. Although the successful maintenance of Chausie F1 and F2 does not require special education, but without basic knowledge about the needs and psychology of cats, it will not be easy for the owner to come to an understanding with a semi-wild animal.