Description of the Chausie Cat

Chausie can boast not only origin and rarity, but also really unusual parameters and a memorable appearance. Now, few can afford such a pet – Chausie cats are among the five most expensive in the world and are “piece” goods, indicating a very high status of the owner.


A photo of a Chausie cat shows us a large animal, similar in size to a Maine Coon. The average height of the Chausie at the withers is about 40 centimeters, and the length is twice the length of the usual mustachioed “noblewoman”. Cats are much larger than cats – sexual dimorphism affects.


A real, “expensive” Chausie cat, whose photo willy-nilly reminds of a good proportion of the blood of a wild reed ancestor, weighs almost a pood – about 15 kilograms. However, the farther the knee, the smaller it is. Chausie “simpler” can weigh some 4 kilograms.

Body type

In the whole appearance of the Chausie, one can feel the strength and confidence of a wild predator. Muscular body with a well-developed chest, long and large athletic legs, a strong tail, which, according to the standard, should be equal to ¾ of the length of the animal.

Such a cat has no right to be ugly. A neat head, a muscular neck, wide, erect, high-set ears, pronounced cheekbones and chin, and, of course, very beautiful cat eyes – this is what a Chausie cat looks like, the photo, however, is unable to convey the feeling that you get from the look of a beauty.

Large, slightly slanted amber or slightly greenish eyes of these cats burn with fire, unusual for ordinary domestic cats.

Special signs

The pride of these mini-cougars is their large ears. The tassels decorating them, like the tip of the tail, can only be black. On the back of the ears are spots that are called deceptive eyes: in the wild, this is a signal to enemies: “I keep everything under control.” The pattern on the head, paws and tail should be clear, and not the neck should be located in the form of a necklace.

Head and skull

The head of a cat is distinguished by the shape of a wedge or, as it is also called, an elongated triangle. Moderately elongated, but looks small in comparison with the Chausie’s body. Has graceful outlines, angularity is absent. The forehead is flat and wide, the occiput is slightly pronounced. The skull is rounded.

The neat and small muzzle of the animal is composed of smooth lines. Stop – the transition from the nose to the forehead is quite sharp. The bending of the high cheekbones in the direction of the whiskers is also noticeable. The nose and chin of the Chausie form a straight line. It is noteworthy that the width of the bridge of the nose depends on the sex of the animal: in cats it is narrower. The lobe is convex.


Chausie’s almond-shaped eyes are set rather close, slightly slanting. Pigmentation in amber or deep yellow is preferred. A variation in the shade of the iris within the yellow-green palette is acceptable.

Jaws and teeth

The developed jaws of a cat form a scissor or level bite.


The thick and short neck of the Chausie does not look awkward and allows the animal to maintain harmonious body proportions.


The densely knocked down and heavy torso of a cat has superbly developed muscles. How Chausie owners used to joke about their pets: «It’s like an Abyssinian on anabolic! ». The chest of the animal is quite deep and wide, which contrasts with the narrow shoulders and pelvis of the cat. The back is straight, the bottom line is moderately tucked up.


The straight and flexible tail of the Chausie is notable for the absence of creases. Wide at the base and quite mobile, making up ¾ of the body length.


The animal’s legs provide powerful propulsion, so don’t be surprised if your pet easily jumps onto the highest shelf in the closet. The muscles are well developed. The paws of the Chausie are large, but despite this, they look compact. The fingers are not tight.


Short hair fits snugly to the body of the animal. Elastic hairs have a healthy shine. The undercoat is developed. The outer hair is ticked (unevenly colored) in at least two places.