Chausie f1, f2, f3, f4, f5. Generational Feature.

Chausie hybrid cats are divided into several types. They differ from each other by the percentage of Hausa blood and are denoted by the letter F (branch).

Chausie F1:

Chausie F1 is a semi-wild pet that has at least 50% of the blood of a thoroughbred cat. This species can be tamed, but it will not be possible to completely domesticate a cat. Note! If the pet is not kept or handled properly, they can attack the owners.

Chausie F2:

To obtain this species, you must have 25% of the genes of a real cat in the blood. The average weight of representatives is 6-9 kg. They are easier to tame and domesticate. Compared to option 1, F2 Chausies have a more loyal temperament.

Chausie F3:

The character and size of this cat is closer to the domestic species. Therefore, it is difficult for a non-professional to immediately distinguish an ordinary cat from a house cat. The percentage of wild animal blood must be at least 12.5%.

F4 Chausie:

This variety has 6.25% Chausie blood. Cats are easily domesticated, are considered peaceful and calm. They have small dimensions.

Chausie F5:

This produces 3.12% Hausa blood. According to the description of the F5 Chausie, it is completely similar to the F4.

With the owner, cats are affectionate and always show tenderness in response to strokes. They can purr and walk on the heels of a person. In addition, they are independent and independent animals, inquisitive and love to explore new territory, so they will always find something to do. When choosing this breed, it should be borne in mind that animals can show character and disobedience. This is especially true for cats of the 1st and 2nd generation. Important! For home breeding, it is recommended to choose the F4 and F5 breed. They are more restrained and submissive. Chausie quickly learn the characteristics of the owner and have impeccable intuition. If the owner’s feet freeze, the animal will come to warm him or push slippers to him. Chausies are very active, so they need to be kept in spacious houses or aviaries. In a cramped apartment, the animal will get bored and spoil everything around during the games. If the owner does not have time for a pet, then it is advisable to purchase a sufficient number of toys.

Features of feeding owners of the 1st and 2nd generations need to take care of natural products, as cats do not tolerate ready-made food well.

You can give the whole carcass or buy live rodents, fish, so that the pet satisfies its hunting instincts. Important! For the personal safety of a person, it is not recommended to disturb the Chausie while eating. From the 3rd generation onwards, pets are more like ordinary cats, so the appropriate food is selected. It is advisable to purchase foods high in easily digestible protein. It is necessary to ensure that the pet does not overeat and does not hide food in secluded places.

Chausie is included in the rating of the most expensive and exotic breeds. This miniature copy of a wild cat will become a worthy friend for humans and will be able to find a common language with other animals.