Chausie Character

Despite the wild “peppercorn” in the pedigree, representatives of the breed are cheerful and sociable animals. They are not ashamed to show affection and purr gently in response to stroking behind the ear. At the same time, Chausies are distinguished by independence: between repeated exploration of the territory and quivering hugs with a person, the cat will choose the first and leave the heated “perch” in the form of the master’s knees. However, this feature does not detract from the devotion of the animal. As soon as you start talking to the Chausie, she will settle down comfortably and demonstrate genuine interest with her appearance.

When choosing a representative of the breed as a pet, it is important to consider that sometimes cats can be rebellious and even obstinate. This is due to the “proximity” of the animal to the genotype of a distant ancestor – a reed cat. Experienced owners prefer the fourth-generation Chausie: their habits are more reminiscent of the character of the usual domestic cats.

Despite being dependent on their owner, cats occasionally show a tendency to take care of themselves. Evidence of this is the numerous “burials” in which you can find everything: starting with hair ties and ending with stale crusts of bread. Cats have inherited the habit of stockpiling from their wild ancestors, so get ready to occasionally find your pet’s hiding places.

The zest of the breed is also given by impeccable intuition, which is often confused with the abilities of a psychic. As soon as your feet freeze, the pet will immediately push his fluffy slippers with his head and meow invitingly. Do not be surprised at this magic: Chausie easily studies the habits of his master and draws the appropriate conclusions. Developed intellect – that’s what a rich “inheritance” inherited from the Abyssinian.

Representatives of the breed are as smart as they are active. Refuse to purchase a Chausie if you are not able to give your future pet a spacious territory for dizzying jumps and climbing. The cat will not only get bored in a cramped room, but will also eloquently declare this with torn wallpaper or scratched sofa upholstery. When leaving your pet for a while, take care of a sufficient number of toys. Otherwise, the Chausie will make the choice on its own, and there is no guarantee that your socks or jewelry from an ajar box will not be among the items.

Cats are also notable for the fact that they adore water, unlike most of their brethren. Left the faucet running to fill the tub while you retired to the bedroom to get your pajamas? On your return, be prepared to find a Chausie surrounded by foam and iridescent bubbles, trying to catch the jet with its paws. Representatives of the breed and water procedures are not afraid, on the contrary, perceiving them with particular enthusiasm.

Animals constantly need company. Perhaps this explains their exceptional ability to get along with other pets. Chausies make strong friendships with their fellows and even medium-sized dogs. It is better to refrain from communicating with cats with decorative rodents, birds and aquarium fish. Small animals are regarded by a magnificent hunter as prey or a living “toy” – and then trouble cannot be avoided.

No less reason for the joy of Chausie will be its content in a family with children. The pet will easily find a common language with your child and take an active part in a noisy game. However, make sure that the child respects the animal, does not pull its tail or trim its mustache with scissors. Due to their specific pedigree, particularly stubborn Chausies (F1 and F2 markings) can hold their own.

In general, representatives of the breed are balanced intellectuals who love attention and respond to it with royal dignity. Animals are accustomed to keeping themselves within the bounds of decency, keeping their own “fur coat” clean and observing impeccable smoothness of movements. Choosing a Chausie among all the feline variety, you will get a smart and loyal pet with whom you can spend time in different ways: watch your favorite TV show or do an exciting study of commands.

Education and training

The Chausie breed is notable for its flexible intellect, so the process of education and training will give you only positive emotions. From the first day the animal appears in the house, point out to him the “duties”: relieve himself in a strictly designated place and scratch with his claws only the main object of a cat’s life – a scratching post. Chausie quite quickly understand what the owner wants from them, and impeccably follow these requirements.

Representatives of the breed are receptive to training and are well trained in standard “dog” commands. Sitting, lying down, raising a voice, stretching out a paw or tragically “die” – the Chausie will cope with any test. Cat owners say that these animals can be easily trained to even fetch slippers. Fortunately, the dimensions of the Chausie will only play into the hands of this. Train your pet to jump through the hoop and dance to the music – and you will never be bored again!

In addition to a developed mind, cats also have an indomitable desire to learn, which facilitates the process of training. Do not forget to periodically arrange informative “master classes” and give tasty marks for their brilliant performance in the form of your favorite Chausie treat. Representatives of the breed are distinguished by enviable stubbornness in achieving goals, so they will repeat the command until they memorize it.

Care and maintenance

Chausie is a rather unpretentious breed in care. The densely padded and silky coat of a cat needs regular brushing once a week. To do this, use a soft massage brush: this has a positive effect on blood circulation. Combs are undesirable, and the effect of them in combing the Chausie is minimal. During the summer molt, carry out the procedure as often as possible: this will save the animal from the need to remove dead hairs on its own and “decorate” all horizontal surfaces with them.

Unlike most mustachioed counterparts, Chausie do not resist regular water procedures. Your pet will be extremely grateful for an extraordinary bathing day and a warm bath, where you can swim to your heart’s content. After bathing the cat, make sure there are no drafts. Representatives of the breed are distinguished by strong immunity, but it is still not worth checking the accuracy of this axiom.

Important: when bathing, use special mild shampoos and in no case replace them with your own hygiene product – this will make the Chausie’s coat dull and brittle.

Standard hygiene procedures are an important part of caring for an Egyptian beauty. Regularly pay attention to cleaning the ears, eyes and mouth, as well as shortening the claws with a special secateurs. In case of suspicious discharge, contact your veterinarian immediately: this way you will avoid unpleasant consequences.

If even an inexperienced cat owner copes with the care of a Chausie, the daily diet of a pet can create additional difficulties. Representatives of the breed seem unpretentious in food, but this is where the main danger lies. Little is known about the vulnerability of the Chausie’s digestive system. Like most hybrids derived from wild animals, these cats have inherited a shortened intestinal tract, which does not allow them to fully digest fiber and plant foods. Premium dry food is not the best option.

From the wild animals of Egypt, the breed inherited a passion for raw meat: in particular, beef and rabbit meat. Quail and chickens can be regarded as a way to dilute a monotonous diet, but they should not be abused. Chausie will be grateful for the “fish days”. For this, both fresh product and canned food are suitable. The latter are introduced into the diet gradually to avoid allergic reactions. Tendons and boiled cartilage are no less useful, as they provide mechanical cleaning of the cat’s teeth during meals.