The nature of the British cat

You can’t tell in a nutshell what the character of the British cat is. It’s like saying about the life of Napoleon “he led France.”. Except the British are not French. They are proud, sometimes arrogant. This is us about cats, about them – cats of the British breed.

Only this fact does not mean at all those representatives of the breed never want to be stroked. They want to, but when they need it, and not at the moment when the owner took it into his head. This cat is a person. He has an opinion to be reckoned with. To understand the nature of British cats, you need to watch them a little, but it is better to live in the same house for several weeks.

Difference between British Shorthair and Highlander

British cats are different. And their character depends on the variety. A breed like the British Shorthair cat has a very specific and ambiguous character. Depending on the mood, circumstances, your behavior and the amount of attention, the pet may behave differently. If you make an animal angry, it does not mean that you will be bitten right now. However, he has a good memory. And they will be offended by the owner for a long time. Therefore, it is important not to forget the main rule – the key to the heart of the short-haired British is love and affection.

But the Highlander cat has a much more docile character than its shorthair counterparts. They are like heaven and earth. The British Longhair gets along well with people, dogs in the house, won’t try to eat your hamster or parrot, and will be friendly with you.

In general, when it comes to an animal, the concept of “deficiency” is very subjective. What a person does not like may be a natural norm for a cat. The question is whether he wants to somehow adapt to the interests of the owners. However, we have made a small selection on this topic.

British cat. Character, reviews, advantages and disadvantages:

The main plus is accuracy and cleanliness. In this the breed is very successful. In addition, licking calms the animal. If a cat is shouted at, she begins to wash herself in order to bring herself back to normal;

A cat will not do stupid things unless provoked. So, if the animal did not shit in the tray, remember what you did wrong;

A British cat can easily sleep up to twenty hours. This is completely normal. No need to wake him up or take him to the vet. That’s his daily routine.

Pride does not allow this cat to beg. If she wants to eat, she will not meow. Rather, he will sit down near the bowl and watch until the owner realizes that it is time to have lunch or dinner;

British cats are stubborn. If they do not want to do something, they will not even under fear of being left without food. Do you need to stay hungry for two days in order to “get it” to the owner? Not a problem, it will sit. And you will feel guilty of all mortal sins;

Kittens living with a cat quickly learn her skills. For example – go to the tray, and not shit in the apartment;

Did you say “kiss-kiss”? I’m sorry, but the Brit is above that, and only responds to the name;

And the nature of British cats includes independence and strength. They are self-sufficient and calmly endure loneliness. However, they are also capable of missing their owners. And even take offense at people for leaving for a long time;

Patience. This quality allows them to withstand the bullying of young children. Another breed in such situations may behave aggressively. The Briton will not use his claws without a clear reason, or provocation from the people.

Also, a plush British cat shows character, if you limit its freedom of movement. You don’t need to close the doors. She needs to roam around the house. Don’t worry about shoes and flowers. They are not interested in animals. It will «mark» only its own tray, but there is what is put in the bowl.

So, the British cat breed has a truly aristocratic character. From cold arrogance to friendliness, the path is short. And it lies through the trust and love that the cat requires. Whether you will be able to achieve location depends only on you.

Some people say that these cats never claw or bite. It should be clarified – they do not do this without a clear reason. By nature, this breed is not at all aggressive.

Owner’s opinion

Domestic British cats. Character, reviews:

For many people, the willfulness of the British cats does not seem to be a problem. You can get used to it. If you show patience, show love and care, the cat will reciprocate;

Many people like the ease of care associated with natural cleanliness. Still, when your corners, sofas and slippers remain intact, it’s nice.

So, according to most owners, this cat is a gift of fate. She is kind, calm, adequate from an early age. Fortunately, the character of any thoroughbred British cat is quite acceptable even for a family with a small child.