How to buy a Bengal kitten

Bengal kittens are affectionate, playful and cheerful leopards. Only much less. It is this combination of wild appearance and domestic character that has made them one of the most fashionable breeds today. At any exhibition, they become very popular, and kittens in catteries are sold out almost immediately after birth. If you want to become the owner of such an amazing pet, it is better to collect all possible information about the breed and how to choose a Bengal kitten in advance.

 Why are you buying a Bengal kitten?

Often new pets appear at home unexpectedly. A plaintive look from under the trash can, a kid beaten off from dogs, charming fluffies in a box next to the subway – all these situations are united by impulsiveness. A kitten is taken into the house under the influence of emotions, and only then some calculation begins: what to feed, where to settle, and so on. But if you decide to buy a Bengal kitten, then you will have to act in the reverse order: first think, then buy. These babies are very expensive, and before spending money, it is better to think over everything well.

First of all, you need to honestly answer yourself: why are you buying a Bengal kitten? Perhaps you just want to have a mini leopard at home, but are not ready for constant trips to exhibitions at your own expense and fussing with kittens. Perhaps you are interested in a show career. Perhaps you want to breed the perfect Bengal. Depending on the motivation, you need to choose a kitten class:

  1. Show. The most expensive and elite kittens of the Bengal breed. They have an impeccable pedigree, titled parents, perfect appearance and golden character. Not every cattery can boast of such kittens, and they are rarely sold to random people, even for big money. If a Bengal kitten of show class is already born, it is left to itself for breeding and participation in exhibitions, where it represents the cattery from the best side.
  2. Brid. This category is for reproduction. They may not have a bright appearance, but they have a strong and stable gene pool and the prospect of producing good kittens. Theoretically, they can be bought, but the price of such kittens starts from XXX dollars. The breeder may well refuse the buyer if he considers him insufficiently responsible and competent.
  3. Pet. They were considered unsuitable for breeding work for one reason or another, but they did not become worse for this. They may have some invisible defect or just an uninteresting and unpromising type. But with some of these kittens, you can also go to the exhibition. The only limitation is that such Bengal kittens are most often sold with the signing of a sales contract, which specifies the period of mandatory sterilization.

When setting a goal, remember one thing: you won’t be able to make money on breeding kittens. Even such a high price does not pay off the money spent, time and money. For most breeders, this is a hobby that brings a lot of happiness, but no money.

If, nevertheless, you decide to take a Bengal kitten for mating, then it is important to choose the most promising one. If you do not have the necessary knowledge or skills to assess small kittens, it is better to find a specialist for advice and ask him to assess the babies.

Where to buy a Bengal kitten?

Today this breed is at the peak of popularity. If you want to purchase a Bengal for further breeding, you will have to carefully read all the documents, first of all, the metric or pedigree, which lists all the ancestors in both lines. It is necessary to clarify in which club the parents are registered, whether mating was registered. At the time of receiving a kitten, he must have a veterinary passport indicating deworming and two vaccinations – the main one and revaccination.

It is useful to collect information about the parents: their character (often it is inherited), show career, fate and success of other kittens. A good breeder will tell you all this. If he hides some information, then there is a catch.

Important: you can take Bengal kittens from the cattery only after 3 months. During this time, they have already been vaccinated and quarantined after it, and most importantly, they learned everything from their mother and received immunity from full breastfeeding.

Bengal kitten care

Before you have a Bengal kitten in your house, you need to prepare everything for his comfortable stay. First of all, install and strengthen the nets on the windows, remove all household chemicals from the reach, hide valuable and fragile things.

It would be useful to buy: food suitable for Bengal kittens, bowls, filler, tray, scratching post, toys. You can’t do without this; the rest can be bought gradually. Filler and food are better to take those to which he is accustomed in the nursery.

It’s best to pick up your kitten before the weekend so you have time to help him adjust. After the move, the kids are nervous, looking for their brothers and mother. Toys, delicious food, and most importantly – your attention and affection will come to the rescue.

After he has adapted a little, it’s time to accustom the kitten to regular grooming procedures: combing, rubbing the eyes and cleaning the ears.

You need to feed the baby 3-4 times a day, gradually reducing the number of feedings to 2-3. At least for the first time, you need to adhere to the type of food that he is used to in the nursery.

The most important thing to remember is that by choosing a Bengal kitten, you get a friend, child and family member for years to come. There is no need to rush here.