The Nature of the Abyssinian Cat

The Abyssinian cat cannot be confused with other representatives of cat breeds. This graceful cat has an appearance reminiscent of wild feline relatives. Many cat lovers find it similar to a cougar. Specialists involved in the study of the history of the cat family do not doubt its ancient origin.

This is confirmed by the ancient Egyptian statues of the goddess Bastet, which almost exactly copy the appearance of the Abyssinian cat. However, exactly the same cats that the ancient Egyptians worshiped also lived in Abyssinia (as Ethiopia was previously called), from where they came to Great Britain.

Unusual cats arrived in Europe in the 19th century on ships that returned to Britain after the war, immediately capturing the hearts of cat lovers. Many wanted to settle in their home such a wonderful pet. The reason was not only a beautiful appearance, but also an unusual character, more characteristic of a dog – Abyssinian cats turned out to be so attached to a person.

Features of the character of the Abyssinian cat

«Cat-dog» – this is how many owners of Abyssinian cats call their pets. They don’t «walk by themselves» like most felines. Abyssinians are so devoted to their master that they are ready to constantly accompany him wherever he goes – if a loved one goes to the kitchen, then his pet will follow him. He will go to the bath – the cat will not leave him unattended there either.

The Abyssinian wants to be aware of all the events taking place in the house. Her curiosity can sometimes seem a little annoying – the Abyssinian will not disregard any new item that has appeared in the house, she will definitely climb into the ajar closet. Bedside tables and boxes that you can climb into are also extremely attractive to your pet.

Without the help of your pet, it is unlikely that you will be able to do something in the house. The cat will definitely take part. Usually, in order to have more visibility, cats choose an elevated place. Therefore, the best gift for your pet, providing him with psychological comfort, will be a «cat tree». If there is no place for its installation, then the cat should be provided with access to the cabinet by arranging a step for this.

Abyssinians quickly accustom their owner to order – if an Abyssinian cat lives in the house, then there will be no more scattered things in the house. Each object lying in the wrong place, the cat considers its trophy, and the prey should be hidden in an inaccessible place – that is, under chairs or a sofa.

However, the love and kindness inherent in this breed will not allow the owner to be angry with the Abyssinian cat. They are obedient, very quickly understand what they are forbidden to do in the house. You can be sure that they will not sharpen their claws on wallpaper or furniture – the only place intended for this purpose will be the scratching post.

Abyssinian cats are clean, but their litter box must always be clean. They are easily trained to use the toilet. Interestingly, Abyssinian cats, unlike their relatives, are not at all afraid of water and patiently endure all hygiene and cosmetic procedures, including even cutting their claws.

These wonderful cats will be happy to meet guests who come to their house, they do not hide from new people, but are happy to get to know them. However, you should know that Abyssinian cats do not tolerate rough handling. They are not inclined to revenge, but after resentment, you should not expect friendliness from them.

The Abyssinian cat will become a great friend for a child, they will play with him with great pleasure, enduring a lot from the baby, no matter what adults allow. They race with children, love to play ball and can even learn to fetch it if the ball is not too big.

What is important to know for future owners of Abyssinian cats

For Abyssinian cats, the ability to communicate is very important. The biggest test for representatives of this breed is to be alone. Owners of Abyssinian cats who are forced to leave their home for a long time (work, study) need to take care of acquiring a companion for their pet.

It can be another cat (of any breed, but also friendly), a small dog with which the Abyssinian will quickly find a common language is also suitable. But such animals as parrots, hamsters and other small animals should not be started. They can turn into food for your pet.

Taking into account all the above properties of the character of the Abyssinian cats, it is safe to say that these beautiful, big-eyed representatives of the cat tribe will become ideal pets:

  • for families with children;
  • for those who want to get a dog, but do not have such an opportunity;
  • for people who already have a dog;
  • for a family where guests are often received;
  • for people who are forced to stay at home for a long time due to illness.

The owners of Abyssinian cats claim that there are no shortcomings in this breed. However, people who are prone to solitude and tranquility are unlikely to consider representatives of this breed ideal pets for their home. The behavior of the Abyssinian, active and inquisitive, will be a joy for one owner, but will tire another. Potential cat owners who value peace in the home should consider acquiring a pet of a different breed.